Free-form 1-3

From the exhibition catalog:
‘Free-form 1-3’
adds intimacy, warmth and balance to the show (excerpt form the exhibition catalog: ‘Explorations in Watercolour and Beyond’), as Durtan exhibits her finished organic forms sculpted from wood – a material deeply significant and close to her heart. Durtan carefully selects local, ethically harvested woods appropriate to the local environment; ‘red meranti’ – often used in boat building – was used for these sculptures. The entire process is long and laborious, ranging from wood sourcing, drying and sawing to finally carving using a handheld chisel – a practice that involves working in solitude for several days. As Durtan carves these forms, “they reach one level down, a little bit deeper under the skin, one shelf closer to the soul”. — Natasha Reisenhofer, exhibition curator.